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Lacquerware in Bagan, Travel Guide

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Lacquerware  in Bagan

Of all the handicrafts in Myanmar, the most distinctive of all is lacquerware. It is the most widely produced and used; most households in the country use lacquerware as everyday objects. In central Myanmar, the centre of lacquerware manufacturing is Bagan. In Myinkaba Village alone, about 600 households manufacture lacquerware.

The exquisite works of the step by step of making lacquerware can be seen, as a sight-seeing event. Workshops are on-site and they will happily show you around. While you are in Bagan, it is worth visiting theses places.

Bagan Lacquerware Shopping, Myanmar

Ever Stand Lacquerware Workshop

Ever Stand Lacquerware Workshop is another good store to visit in Bagan when it comes to lacquerware. The wide selection is impressive and the prices are budget-friendly. You’ll probably be enticed to purchase at least one piece because of the sheer beauty of the items sold, which include water jars and vases.

Location: Between Old Bagan & Nyaung Oo.,Wetkyi-in Village.

Golden Bagan Lacquerware Shop

The Golden Bagan Lacquerware Shop is included in the list of the best lacquerware stores in Bagan and like other souvenir shops in Bagan, this one presents the consumers with a wide range of items to choose from. From something as small as a cup to bigger items like treasure chests, the Golden Bagan delivers the best when it comes to lacquerware.

Location: Khaye Main Road, New Bagan.


Chan Thar Lacquerware Workshop

Like the Golden Bagan, the Chan Thar Lacquerware Workshop is also a highly recommended shopping destination. Shoppers will not be disappointed in this place as the store carries an extensive selection of lacquerware, and their collection includes everything from kitchenware (plates, cups, etc) to ornamental pieces (jewelry boxes) to furniture.

Location: Main Road, Myin Ka Par, Bagan.

Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop

Visitors in search of lacquerware can go to the Golden Cuckoo, one of Bagan's most notable sources of the product. The family-run workshop, which has been around for four generations, displays their best pieces in front of the store: cups, bowls, plates and trays. The proprietors of the shop speak English, and are willing to demonstrate the process of lacquer making to interested tourists.

Location: Myin Ka Par Village, Bagan.