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- Mandalay Travel Guide

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 Mandalay sunset

- Remnants of the old capital in sunset -

Want to run away to a historical landmark with scenic views? Mandalay is one perfect choice for you. Mandalay was founded in 1857 as the capital by King Mindon and has now become a bustling commercial hub. The city is also the second-largest city and considered the centre of Burmese culture. Located 445 miles (716 km) north of Yangon on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River, Mandalay boasts finely built palace walls that stand for a past golden age. Mixed with a modern boom thanks to a large influx of Chinese migrants in recent years, Mandalay still keeps its charm as the principle centre for Buddhism in Myanmar. The city offers a vast variety of artistic work, from famous monasteries, pagodas to diverse resources of Myanmar arts and architectural masterpieces.
You can start your day early in the morning by visiting the golden Buddha of Maha Muni Pagoda and experiencing the face-washing ritual. Pay a trip to this attraction cluster Kuthodaw Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, Mandalay Palace, Atumashi Monastery and Sanda Muni Pagoda before ending your day by watching sunset from Mandalay Hill. For a unique experience in between the sightseeing, you can always go to various markets in Mandalay for some jewellery or handicrafts hunting.
Albeit limited in numbers, Mandalay offers a wide variety of accommodation from high-class resorts to budget hotels. The hotels are furnished to serve your basic needs and are conveniently located either near city centre or major places of interest.
Mandalay also offers a diverse mix of cuisines including Myanmar, Chinese, Indian, and European dishes across restaurants and coffee shops. Pubs and bars are also available to a limited extent. However, the nightlife in Mandalay is unique in its own way. Mandalay Marionettes presents theatre arts and traditional shows. Souvenir shops are readily available in some markets. Beer is also served in some restaurants, bringing a relaxing time for those who want to end their night drinking.
The fastest way to reach Mandalay from Yangon is to take a flight. Having said, visitors can always rely on other options such as cars or even ferries to get to and around the ex-capital.
Mandalay also serves as a gateway to various places including

+ Amarapura’s famous U-bein

+ Inwa (a.k.a. Ava)

+ Mingun

+ Sagaing

+ Mogok

+ Pyin U Lwin (Maymyo)