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Top 9 things to do in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chí Minh sightseeing, tours and tourist attractions.

Ho Chí Minh City (formerly Saigon) has long been a hotbed of activity, but it only recently became the overcrowded powerhouse that it is today. The moment you arrive in Vietnam’s largest city you’ll notice the humidity and energy but most of all the entire population of some 6.6 million seem to have taken to the streets on mopeds!

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Things to do in Ho Chí Minh - Ho Chí Minh Tours

1. Ho Chí Minh Tours- Cu Chi Tunnel Half Day Tour

Cu Chi Tunnels were used in 1960s by the Viet Cong army to control the area in their fight for independence. It is is a huge network of underground tunnels. It became legendary in the war for facilitating the local guerrillas to win over the American troops. In Cu Chi district alone there were more than 250km of tunnels and people lived their lives in these tiny hideouts for years. Today a few of the tunnels have been increased in size to allow Western visitors to crawl through them which is quite an eerie experience and definitely not one for the claustrophobic! Whilst at the Cu Chi Tunnels there is also an opportunity to shoot various models of guns in a controlled environment.

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2. Ho Chí Minh Tours- Mekong Delta- Cai Be Floating Market

From Ho Chi Minh City, take a boat cruise on the Mekong River to see the other side of life in the delta. From a river cruise, you can witness the rural life of the delta, cruising through the traffic of sand and rice barges and visiting floating markets, boatyards and timeless villages with their traditional industries such as fruit drying. The cruise provides great photographic opportunities, with dawn and sunset particularly beautiful.

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3. Ho Chí Minh Tours - Ho Chi Minh city tour full day

Formerly Saigon – the city was renamed in honour of Ho Chi Minh in 1976, following the reunification of the country - HCMC has been a busy commercial centre for many centuries. The city is criss-crossed by many rivers and canals, and is a blend of the various cultures and architectural styles - Vietnamese, Chinese and European – that have influenced the area over time. There is a lot to see and do in Ho Chi Minh City, especially if you're adventurous. Exploring the city on foot is a great way to meet people, discover, and learn more about their culture. Enjoy a guided tour, taking in the former Presidential Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Old Saigon Post Office, temples, a lacquer ware factory and Thien Hau Pagoda in the city’s bustling Chinatown.

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4. Ho Chí Minh Tours – Dinner on Bonsai Cruise

Provide the perfect opportunity to relax and indulge with friends, cruising with the one and only dragon boat, which not only satisfies these needs, but enables you to soak up the buzzing atmosphere and the cool breeze on the River. All star delicacies of European and Asian Buffet will be delighted in your choice by our executive chefs and show-cooks at the best. You will be accompanied by a magical sound-journey performed from our one and only in-house orchestra “Hoa Mai” or Philippine band for upper deck — chill out and get surprised.

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5. Ho Chí Minh Tours- Long Tan – Nui Dat Battle

The Battle of Long Tan is arguably the most famous battle fought by the Australian Army during the Vietnam War. It was fought in a rubber plantation near the village of Long Tan. The battle is often used in Australian officer training as an example of the importance of combining and coordinating infantry, artillery, armour and military aviation. Pay a solemn visit to the Long Tan Cross Memorial. View the site of Horseshoe FSB and see the Long Phuoc Tunnels on this full-day tour from Ho Chi Minh City.

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6. Ho Chí Minh Tours- Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park comprises an amazingly biodiversity region of lowland tropical rain forest. The hiking, mountain biking and bird-watching are easily the best in Southern Vietnam. Cat Tien also boasts a wide range of evergreen, semi deciduous and bamboo forests; some 1800 species of plants thrive in the park. It protects one of the largest areas of lowland tropical rainforests left in Vietnam.

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7. Ho Chí Minh Tours- Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve

Can Gio Forest was recognized as the first mangrove biosphere reserve in Vietnam by UNESCO in 2000. Can Gio has around 32,000 hectares of natural and planted forests, considered as the ‘green lung’ of the city and opening up great prospects for ecotourism. On this eco tour, visitors will have opportunities not only to indulge in a fresh green environment but also to explore the mysteries of the tidal swampy ecosystem and thrill to the legends of amphibious commandos in the last Vietnam War. The highlights include a boat cruise to a bat sanctuary at Vam Sat, a short hike through the mangrove forest and a visit to the local commando headquarters.

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8. Ho Chí Minh Tours- Eat Pho.

A staple of Vietnamese cuisine, Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup served with rice noodles and your choice of either beef or Chicken plus a whole plate of greens that you can throw into the bowl after its served to you. Pho is commonly available from street food vendors, at coffee shops and at restaurants dedicated to serving Pho.

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9. Ho Chí Minh Tours- Drink Coffee at Rex Hotel

Rex Hotel is famous for the Five O’Clock Follies, a daily press conference held during the war at the hotel. The hotel has a great rooftop bar which serves a variety of local and Western food and great coffee. You can get a view of the city here and escape the heat and traffic far below you. Coffee drinking is very much a part of Vietnamese culture. In fact, no visit to Vietnam will be complete without having either a hot or iced Café Sua – strong coffee served over a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the cup. The Rex Hotel’s rooftop bar remains a popular watering hole for expatriates and tourists alike.

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