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This sections is about Hoi An local guide, travel guide, Hoi An sightseeing, tours and tourist attractions. All of articles in this sections are very helpful for travelers who intend to travel to Hoi An and want to discover some tours in Hoi An.

Hoi An was the Vietnamese version of Venice, but without the gondolas on the canals. There was something very magical to walk along the narrow streets of this town, with its yellow-colored walls of the old buildings and the colourful lanterns.

Staying in Hoi An, you will have opportunities to explore Hoi An with good quality, tailored clothes, taste some Vietnamese cuisine at some local restaurants and participate in some cooking classes or enjoy your wonderful and relaxing time with a sunset dinner cruise. Making a visit to My Son sanctuary, Marble mountains or Cham museum in Da Nang are highlights on your vacations in Hoi An old town. Check Hoi An tours, things to do in Hoi An online at

Things to do in Hoi An - Hoi An Tours

  1. Hoi An Tours - Hoi An Full moon festival

Hoi An Full moon festival is held on every 14th day of the lunar month. The old town is completely transformed into something else. There is no access to motor vehicles but only to pedestrians (locals and tourists) who are holding these brightly colored lanterns to sail them on the river and ask for the gods for prosperity. The lanterns shops look amazing with all the bright colours blazing in the darkness. You got to watch some performances of traditional theatre and play Vietnamese bingo sung by two ‘callers’ – “Bai Choi” accompanied by traditional instruments. If you can, try to schedule your trip to coincide with a full moon. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours - Free bicycle tour to Kim Bong Village- done by volunteer students

Hoi An Free Tour is an organization with a great initiative that runs by local students who want to practice their English as well as their hospitality skills. What can be better than getting in touch with these enthusiastic young students and see some parts of the town you wouldn't known before? More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours - My Son Sunrise Tour

My Son Sanctuary is an incredible array and quite awesome display of the cultures, expertise, and industry of the original Champa people from 4th -13th Century. Ruined temple complex of My Son Sanctuary is an example of the architectural expertise of the Cham people. Take a bottle of water with you and make use of the WC before you walk around, wear a hat or bring an umbrella. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours - Diving at Cham Island

Cham Island is 15 km from the beach of Cua Dai. The Cham island  has a good climate, always cool all the year round The system of trees and animals here are plentiful, especially sea products. Relax in the fresh cool wind and enjoy the beautiful landscape on the speedboat to Cham Island. On the island there is a precious natural potential: the bird nests whereas under the water, the strip of coral is quite marvelous to look at. The tour takes half day to Lang beach for seeing some interest places as such Au Thuyen – a shelter for boats at bad weather, an over-100 years Tay Tang pagoda remarks the Puddhism came here for long time ago, Ong temple – a place worships a big fish burried here. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours - Cooking class on board

Hoi An is certainly a good place to do a cookery course in Vietnam: a huge range of places offer courses. Cookery course take you on a market tour. This is a very good chance for us to communicate with the local sellers and get to know more about their daily life and all ingredients that you use for the cooking class on board. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours - Hoi An Lantern Making Tour

One of the great pleasures of any visit to Hoi An is strolling along the beautiful streets of the old town at night under the flickering lights of the many beautiful lanterns. The lanterns have been becoming both part of Hoi An culture and Hoi An today. This half day tour will give you the opportunity to not only learn how to make the lantern, but also to get closer with Hoian history and culture. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours  - Hoi An Eco Sunrise Tour

The Hoi An Eco Sunrise Tour brings you into the daily life of the Hoi An fishermen – a privileged experience. On the water at dawn, watching local fishermen at work, in boats, on shore, trolling for snails, hauling nets. It was fascinating! You are given a real hand on experience, trying traditional and current Vietnamese fishing techniques, visiting local villages and rowing real basket boats. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours  - Hoi An cloth shop

Hoi An is the tailoring capital of Asia and every second shop wants to measure you up! It can be scary but once you take the plunge, you’ll find it addictive. You can check TripAdvisor for recommendations or ones to avoid. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at

  1. Hoi An Tours  - Take a boat ride on Thu Bon River

You will board a small vessel and sail along the river for two hours. During the journey, we will stop at Ceramic Village and see fine display of local artistry. Best done at night, ideally on the full moon celebration so you can admire all the lanterns and floating candles. It’s a magical way to get a different perspective of Hoi An. More Hoi An Tours, things to do in Hoi An at