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For a comprehensive Hue Overview, it is essential to trace the growth of the city from its very beginning to what it has become today, along with many additions that have taken place, as it evolved over a course of many years, leaving a mark on the pages of Vietnam's history.


Hue was the capital of Vietnam during the feudal rule from 1802 to 1945 under the Nguyen dynasty and subsequently the centre of architectural evolution of the era. Not surprisingly, it is known for the magnificent architecture of its citadels, palaces, royal tombs, pagodas and temples juxtaposed against a lush scenic background of greenery on the banks of the Perfume River, inspiring many poetries and eulogies for their spellbinding beauty.


The various structures that are a hallmark of the ancient architecture of the land are laid out in harmony with nature and in accordance with the principles of geomancy (feng shui). Apart from its splendid monuments that are a fond reminder of the past glory of the city, the ancient traditions and practices of the people of Hue are still an innate part of the modern day life today. One can get a vivid glimpse of the cultural traditions of Hue, as passed down from generations, in their daily routines and activities in religion, gastronomy, handicraft, music, the performing arts and traditional festivals.


It is due to these cultural treasures and vestiges that Hue became Vietnam's first World Cultural Heritage site recognized by UNESCO in 1993.


Top 8 things to do in Hue & Da Nang

Hue sightseeing, tours and tourist attractions.

Things to do in Hue- HueTours

1. Hue Tours- Hue City tour full day

The city represents the outstanding demonstration of the power of the vanished Vietnamese feudal empire, including a complex of monuments, tombs and pagodas that attract tourists coming from all over the world. Our one day hue city tour will go to visit Thien Mu Pagoda to learn about Vietnam Buddhism religion. One of most interesting king’s tomb complex, purple Forbidden City. Special Royal Dinner on Perfume River with live traditional music performances here would be great chance to learn about King & Queen’s dresses and dinning culture of royal family, be the king, queen, and mandarin while having dinner.

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2. Hue Tours- Tam Giang Lagoon Hue

Tam Giang Lagoon, about 15 kilometers from Hue City, is endowed with pristine and handsome features like a would-be suitor. Tam Giang is one of the biggest lagoons with fresh water, the most representative lagoons in Vietnam with a length of 70 km, they form an ideal habitant for many sea species all along the province. The most beautiful moments on the lagoon are at sunset when it turns purple. A few fishing boats return home late with lines of casuarinas running with the skyline separating the water from the sky, with the whole lagoon’s surface shaking in the breeze. The lagoon is also home to a number of birds’ species and a variety of fauna and flora species.

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3. Hue Tours- Hue DMZ Tour 1 day

The Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) was the site of some of the fiercest and bloodiest battles during the American War and a tour through this historic region is an informative glimpse in to the war time history. Visit underground tunnels and bunkers, cross infamous battle sites, and pass tranquil villages as you discover the checkered past of the DMZ. Besides, you will explore the charming of the nature here with forest, mountain range and river…

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4. Da Nang Tours- Da Nang city tour

The main sight in Da Nang is the Cham Museum, an institution founded by the French in the 1930s to house archaeological relics of the Hindu Cham civilization that dominated the area until the 14th century. It houses the largest collection of Cham relics in the world, making it a must-see for anyone with an interest in lost civilizations or art history. Da Nang is also almost within sight of the Marble Mountains, a series of limestone and marble peaks interlaced with many caves. One of the highlights is the Am Phu cave, where you can ascend up to the top of the mountain for the views of both the countryside and the approval of the sacred statues looking on, or down into bowels of the mountain to see the statues of hellish sinners.

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5. Da Nang Tours- Bana Hills

Those looking to beat the heat, albeit not the humidity, of Da Nang can travel 25 miles out of town to the Ba Na Hill Station for the day and follow in the footsteps of countless French colonials and Communist Party functionaries. Bana has recently undergone a few changes, notably a world record setting cable car, the world’s highest and longest non-stop cable car. The giant Buddha that is visible from Danang is quite impressive.

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6. Da Nang Tours- My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is recognised as one of the most ideal beach of Da Nang City, international tourists came here for convalescence and relaxation... It is an ideal and huge beach with smooth sand and a slight slope. Behind the beach is a dark green poplar forest, and beside, the Kinh River carries crystal water to the sea. The lack of large waves, less than average pollution, and an annual mean temperature around 25oC, makes it a safe place to swim for adults and children alike.

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7. Da Nang Tours- Flower Spring

A spectacular drive brings you to a natural stream flowing from the mountains west of Danang. This place is very popular with Vietnamese at weekends and sees very few foreign tourists, which is a shame. A little over done, the flower spring is a series of man-made pools of mountain water, with shaded areas, a restaurant, a football pitch and even horse riding available. Most Vietnamese tend to take their own food and pay for a shack to relax, enjoy their self-catering.

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8. Da Nang Tours- Hai Van Pass and Lang Co Beach

Hai Van Pass is 20 kms north of Danang.
The road up Hai Van pass is a great drive made much safer now that most truck traffic uses the newly completed Hai Van Tunnel. There are some refreshment places at the top and an old bombed out French built lookout. Lang Co Beach is near Hai Van Pass. With its gradually slopping, white sand beach, the average depth of under 1m and the average temperature in the bathing season of 25°C, Lang Co is an ideal beach for tourists. In Lang Co sea, there are various kind of shrimps, lobster, sea shrimp, crab, butter-fish, mackerel fish, oysters...

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