Getting to Mai Chau, Sapa Travel Guide

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Mai Chau is 135 km from Hanoi and just 5 km south of Tong Dau junction on High Way 6. There’s no direct public transport to Mai Chau from Hanoi; however, buses to nearby Hoa Binh (25,000 d, two hours drive) are plentiful.

From Hoa Binh there are several scheduled buses to Mai Chau (20,000d, two hours) daily. Usually these stop at Tong Dau junction; a xe om (motorbike taxi) from there to Mai Chau proper will cost about 15,000d. 

Travelers often take a private car to reach Mai Chau and back to Hanoi for the comfort and convenience.  Road condition is quite good from Hanoi to Mai Chau and the way to the town is still unpaved but it does not mean prevent travelers from getting to the village.

Theoretically, foreigners must pay a 5,000 VND entry to Mai Chau. There is a toll booth at the state-run guesthouse on the “main” road. More often than not, there is nobody there to collect the fee.

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